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Feature film
Funded by FFHSH, MiC-Direzione Generale Cinema, Rai Cinema, Lazio Innova, Trentino Film Commission
Produced by 39films in coproduction with Interzone Pictures and in association with Laser Film

Distributed worldwide by Fandango


We’re in 2008, just at the beginning of the worldwide financial crisis. Maria and Johnny run a small petrol station with takeaway shop annexed, in a rather desolate mountain village. They live with her parents in their hotel, actually having just one customer: 38 years old Tom. Maria is almost 30 and reaching the limit if she wants to crown the dream she has been cultivating since she was a child. Now perhaps she will succeed through Johnny, her husband despite being almost twice her age. Maria is an athlete, a walker. She’s the pride of Dad, who would like so much to see her at the national championships and maybe even at the Olympics! Mom is skeptical, but Johnny knows how to make Maria and her parents believe the dream. Johnny has been training assistant both, in Italy and in East Germany, where he comes from. He knows how to "bring out the best" from Maria, that’s why he got plenty of vials in the fridge. He helped so many kids in the past he can’t remember them all, and Tom is one. At first, Tom wants to take revenge on Johnny for all the daily struggles left on him by Johnny’s illegal substances. Then he and Maria start a relationship, and things get complicated when Johnny recognizes him. Inevitably it comes to a showdown between the two men, Maria gets right in the middle of the vortex. Her personal crisis grows like an unstoppable fever in her small world, as much as the financial crisis does in the outer world, both spreading an urgent need for new hopes.

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