Feature film project
Funded by FFHSH
Produced by 39films in collaboration with Interzone Pictures and Wide



Maria and Johnny run a small gas station with alcohol takeaway shop annexed. They live with her parents, a couple with strident and tragicomic behaviors, in an old hotel which had some better times, on the slopes of the mountains. Maria is a promising walker, as shown by her awards and her slender body. She is almost 30 years old, has the right maturity to fulfill her and her father's dream: taking part in the Italian championships and, who knows, even something more. Mother is skeptical, but now Johnny sneaked in the girl's life, despite being almost twice her age. He knows how to get the best out of Maria, and for this he keeps lots of vials in the fridge.

In the crumbling hotel there is only one client, he calls himself "the Tom", looks athletic in his shape, but tormented. Johnny and Tom already know each other, even if Johnny can’t remember. 25 years before the Berlin Wall had just fallen, DDR's state doping was being dismantled, but in Italy there was a need for "qualified" people like Johnny, because everyone has always and everywhere that burning and unspeakable desire to win. Johnny is an athletic trainer who has helped many kids in various disciplines. But for poor Tom, a swimming champion not yet of age, the bill came too soon: disqualification, shame, career ended before really starting, psychological and health struggles.

It seems that the Tom wants to take revenge on Johnny. He plans a daring incendiary attack on the gas station, which is not successful but gives him the opportunity to better know Maria. The two begin a rather platonic liaison, because Tom must fight with a heavy legacy left on his body by Johnny’s illegal ingredients: he is almost incapable of having normal sexual relations. Things get complicated when Johnny finds out who the Tom really is, and in the showdown between the two Maria gets right in the middle of the tempest.